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What are the ingredients of Milan lip balm?

so before you start. you’re want to clean your table with Clorox wipes. so whatever you have but make sure. you know you clean it. because you want to keep your environment clean wherever you doing things and products for your business.

you’re also gonna be needing your gloves you know you can’t just use your bare hands. you know you don’t know where your hands been you know they dirty or not.

you want to wash your hands and then use gloves. Now all you need is styrofoam. It is a cup bowl and a styrofoam cup or plastic cup and is clearly a plastic spoon. You don’t want to use anything from your kitchen, knowing that unless you buy it. For this especially if you know it’s okay and you’re fine, you need Vaseline, and I’m going to the store to get a new one.

the problem is I couldn’t find anything at the store. I went and it was late so I didn’t want to go to other stores. so I just got the ones that were there which with these please don’t come at me is it’s the same thing.

as Vaselinenot the ain’t nothing gonna happens nothing wrong with their brands well in my opinion and I feel like it’s the same thing.

so you want to put it in the cup and then this cup. you want to put it in hot water or the microwave prefers hot water and just let you know. melts and then you want to put it on your bowl and it doesn’t have to be liquid.

It can be creamy if you have this liquid then it is still the one to like. You know it’s going to melt, but it’s going to be creamy so there’s no point in liquefying it. So how about this colour whatever has been caught and even though its mother is special there.

How to make Milan lip balm

What are the ingredients of Milan lip balm?

But I got it from the dollar store and yes you can buy these at other stores. So I bought it exclusively for you. Lip Gloss and Lip Balm Whatever you know, but I bought it for my business and not for cooking like this. So now we are just going to mix our Vaseline.

So I’m going to add Samba Gel and it’s up to you, I just decided to do it and it’s basically going to moisturize your lips the way Vaseline and the lip gloss you identify. I just decided to do this and I did recently like two days ago and it is so soft on the lips.

so I was like. you know what why not and um these are the two ingredients that you’re going to be needing which are lip gloss space andVaseline you do not have to put it. this is an option I’m telling you.

 this is optional this is up to you this is all you’re. just gonna mix these two products and you know you want it very well like very mixed well.

So you know when you see that it is very mixed. You know when you start applying pigments and all this stuff and this lip balm, which I was talking about.

I did two days ago and it’s the same thing that I’m doing now sois neon pink pigment and this is what I use for my lip gloss and I’m just putting it on to this specific lip balm and it looks.

So cute I like that it’s pink it’s just amazing. I like this. Because I really liked it I really like how it turned out and I wish I could show you how much I kept it but I only kept one for me a little bit.

Lip Balm

What are the ingredients of Milan lip balm?

You know I’m a bright soft pink so yeah. Sorry guys, but I really don’t know what happened that isn’t a recording and I’m made but you know. This is what at least I am telling you which product I have used. So the next thing you need is the oil raspberry taste and I liked it very much. So you can buy Amazon eBay Think SD and these.

I do not know. But I think you can make SD even cheaper. So yes this is a raspberry one and so you’re just going to add a few drops that you don’t want to add too much because it can be too strong. So yes, I am going to use only to use my spoon. But I’m gonna use a syringe for this one and it’s so easy to apply through this thing.

so I’m just gonna in I’m not gonna like put it inside the syringe. I’m gonna suck it in because so much easier than using a spoon or whatever. so these are the many containers that I’m gonna be using the little mini jars. and I was gonna do lip scrubs but when I got them they were a little bit small. I decided to do lip balms and this is how they looked like this is how they’re packaged.

I was doing this. now I was putting the product inside the jar, it should have been done properly. Just did not know. Yes, when you are done you want it with a spoon because you want the product to take it down once and you want to make sure that there are no bubbles. You want to level it down as well.

Pink Lip Balm

What are the ingredients of Milan lip balm?

When you buy a lip balm from the store is just it’s completely straight. So that’s how you want it and then you want to clean the sides of the jar. To make sure there’s no residue of the product and then you want to close it. You want to place these in the freezer or refrigerator once you are done. So they can know it’s a lip balm.

So this is what I was talking about earlier. You want to go in a circular motion that you know from the bottom and then in a circular motion.

while you are putting the product inside the jar I just didn’t know that but now I’m showing you guys.

the proper way to do it. that way you can avoid bubbles inside the container no bubbles at all because they have to be completely straight.

So this is how it looks like.

you’re gonna need Clorox wipes or baby wipes and clean the residue off of the jars because obviously. You don’t want to sell something sticky.

anything like that so you wants to clean it with the Clorox wipes or baby wipes prefer basil eyes.

because then the jars smell like Clorox and then people are gonna be like what the hell’s going on here

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