scrub, lip balm or moisturizer

We Can use Scrub or lip Balm Which One is better | and How To Make it?

Scrub, Lip Balm or Moisturizer

We can use scrub or lip balm which one is better

I brought up how you can make lip scrubbing moisturizers and live bombs at home. I am going to use very simple materials that you always find the right way to make them so that you can start your course so that we can get started.

We will see how you can make a lipsque, which you need to have sugar, I am using brown sugar, you can also use white sugar, but make sure it was a granulated sugar, but Your sugar should have similar small crystal particles, which you can use fine or powdered sugar. Not ready to use.

So it should look like a little crystal particle, which is granulated sugar and half a teaspoon of oil and half a teaspoon of olive in this sugar, you can use either olive oil argonaut oil, so what’s good, because later on, I will Mix three so that it mixes well.

Well prepared and then here I have smelted containers so that if you have ecstasy then you can buy this stackable container in which you can store three. Items like Lip Scrub Lipomisturizer and Lebanon Eucold otherwise using any empty small connectors.

Are, but make sure it’s a string, so the best idea is that you can use a Vaseline container or empty Lipbalm container or an empty Eyeliner container, as Veloso now only transfers a ready-made transfer.

scrub, lip balm or moisturizer


The scrub has an extra person if you feel that your lips turn black and you can add 1/2 tsp lemonade to them because lemon means lemon has a natural bleaching agent in it to lighten your lips which you can use in natural Can add 1/2 to Lemonade TSP and all the ingredients in it are used to make this oil scrub like Telugu and honey make them all or naturally like preservatives so that at room temperature for at least three to three months Stay This scrub is good without spoiling and you can bulk and store in airtight.

Container and you can use three months as a pet so that you have to scrub this lip at least twice, just massage it on your lips for two minutes and then wash off.

Also helps to remove the note of death and now we will see how a lip moisturizer topper moisturizer is made, you are very easy, you need two ingredients which is honey oil, so you need both of these ingredients equal One teaspoon honey and one teaspoon olive should be taken in quantity.

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To take oil so that both honey and olive oil is very amazing in keeping your potatoes soft and moist, so mix it well and then transfer it to the container and make sure you will need to do this lip master. After that, you are done with a lip scrub and open, you can also use it as a moisturizer like your lips before using it on your lips daily.

scrub, lip balm or moisturizerscrub or lip balm

Or in the morning or afternoon whenever your lips are very dry, you can use your lip mask. You can use it and it stays at room temperature for three months or six months, now we will see how lip balm is made. You will need Vaseline to make this pouch balm, which will help your staff.

But a Vaseline pan with some water will be needed, so that once you see your water as soon as possible, place a heat-proof ball insulator to boil and add Vaseline’s TSP to it, usually by the bees.

We can use scrub or lip balm which one is better

scrub, lip balm or moisturizer

Use. To make Wax Lip Balm in an unsolicited way, but I know it’s not accessible to most people, so I’m just using Ambassador, which is equally available to everyone and then I’m just a good Going to work IAA Lip Stick to get Pinkkilakor.

For my lip balm, you can use any colour that you want your lip balm to re-colour the orange colour of peaches. , Just add a very little flavour to it and then later just 10to 15 seconds later you will see that the online Vaseline is once again melting in such a way that it is a completely useless cloth to take that ball and melt here or Vaseline So you have to wait for a few minutes until it is hot and then move it to another tight container.

You will not allow them to cool completely, it will turn itself into a lip balm because if it has a consistent consistency of cooling, make sure you heat it in your tonometer. Reheat so that once cooled it cools down. Beautiful lip balm consistency.

Let me know what it looks like when it cools down completely, so if it looks like it you can see it and even you can add vanilla essence a drop to it to give it a nice vanilla scent So to receive.

And you can just keep it in your handbag and you can carry it anywhere you feel, whenever you feel that your lips are very dry. Loopmasters and lip balm


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