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Recipe Karela soup (easy to cook)

Karela Recipe

People’s food tastes change with age. The skin that you dislike in childhood, it is very pleasant in old age! This is the rule of the world! And without this rule, or without this supernatural arrangement, there would be no food balance in the world! Maya’s family is bound by such a rule for rich and poor people! Imagine what the world would be like if everyone ate at the same rate all their lives until they died! I’ve written many times before, think about what the rich would do if they didn’t have this balance of food! A rich man has money but he can’t eat anything, he can’t sleep! Ha ha ha.

Anyway, today our serving is a simple and simple cooking! Many people did not like it when they were young, now they have grown up! Karela soup! I have shown you before the various meals, there have been a lot of folds! Today it is a little different but quite fun, I am writing this recipe by myself after cooking. Needless to say, before writing the recipe, Karela is a very good food for people with diabetes.

Many of you may remember this Karela Sundari of mine, my Karela Sundari has grown up a lot now!
Let’s see, it is very simple and in 20/25 minutes this cooking will be done. Even if it is a karela picked up in your fridge! Ha ha ha. But I hope you will cook it fresh.


– A medium karela
– A few shrimps (a little more / less)
– Onion paste, two tablespoons
– Garlic paste, one teaspoon
– Cumin powder or bata, half a teaspoon
– Red chilli powder, half a teaspoon (may be less salty)
– Turmeric powder, half a teaspoon
– A few slices of raw pepper
– Salt, like quantity (a little in the first step, then correct)
– Oil, as little as possible to cook, but we gave 4/5 tablespoons
– Depending on the water, half cup or quantity, some more can be given if you want broth

Karela Recipe

Cut the karela, wash it well and add water.
Heat oil in a pan and fry with onion, garlic and cumin. Be sure to add less salt to half the teaspoon.

Once the spices are fried, add chilli powder and turmeric powder.

Now add karela.
In the medium Heat,mix well.
Now add water.

Reduce heat to low and cover for 8/10 minutes. You can decide for yourself how to keep the soup.

Look at two things before turning off the stove. 1) Whether the karela is soft or not 2) Whether the salt is correct (if needed).

Ready to serve.

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