Chambor Intense Definition Gel Eyeliner Review

Chambor Intense Definition Gel Eyeliner Review | YBl

Chambor Intense Definition Gel Eyeliner Review

Chambor Intense Definition Gel Eyeliner Review

Today I’m gonna do a review on this chamber stay on a waterproof old pencil. so this is my recent purchase I’ve just purchased it a few weeks before and I’m really excited to. I was really excited to purchase it and use it for myself.

Chambor Intense Definition Gel Eyeliner Review

so yeah it’s a pretty good cold pencil a real I did I was happy with the experience. so yeah the first thing that I would like to say about this goal is that as the name stays on or it is long-lasting. you can say then also about the price.

it is269 rupees. so yeah the price is quite good it is not very expensive but at the same time it’s very affordable and it is also very worth it to get it. for this price in terms of coverage it’s really good it is quite black.

it’s really good I’m very happy with the colour and the pigment also. it’s really nice in that way and it glides on very smoothly when you apply it to your eyes. it really gives you a smooth and creamy kind of texture and application.

so yeah let me just read a few things which are written over here on the backside so you guys can see the first thing which is written is that extremely soft formula glides on effortlessly yeah that every true.

just now I mentioned that it’s really the formula is really smooth and amazing and it glides on effortlessly aunt effortlessly hunter your eyes. I don’t know I’m not able to say okay then high coverage lasts all day.

Gel Eyeliner Review

Chambor Intense Definition Gel Eyeliner Review

Yes, I just talked about the coverage and this touch-proof waterproof is very good, along with the city’s long past. Yes, I’m just going to demonstrate that and show you guys if it really settles down the evidence and waterproofing. The ophthalmologist-tested that this is a very good thing because if you have sensitive eyes with some of them.

then you might be you know thinking that whether this is going to be safe and it’s going to suit your eyes. so yes this ophthalmologist-tested so you don’t have to worry about it. one bit wrist mechanism yes I love the thing that it has one way.

twist mechanism because if you buy a pencil liner which has a sharpener I mean which you need to shop. I think all the product gets wasted a lot. but when it comes to a pen-type or a list. mechanism the product does not get wasted and it is like.

you know you can use it for a long time as well keep the cap tightly closed after use. yes of course that’s very important like and yes it’s written made in Germany than when we come to the ingredients.

obviously, I’m not going to read all of these these all are like chemical names. I don’t have to read all of them. but yes I found one thing jojoba seed oil. yes, I was happy with this because at least there was one natural thing in this.

All alright now let me just open it I thought this is how it looks I really liked it the way it looks of jet black and the silver is writing. something is written here ophthalmology tested made in Germany and stay on waterproof coal. so yeah now it’s the time for doing the swatch.

Chambor Intense Definition

Chambor Intense Definition Gel Eyeliner Review

So this is how it is as you guys can see that there is still a small nib and I was advised by the women who were at the cosmetic store. They told me not to address it until the entire product is finished with a snip. You do not have to bend it. So I think it is great because it does not ruin your product and thus you will not eliminate your pole.

I’m just gonna swatch it now. so guys this is the swatch as I said earlier slides on it glides on so effortlessly like you can see it was so smooth and also you can see the colour. the coverage is so good. it is really dark a jet black alright.

so here I’m gonna demonstrate whether this cartridge is waterproof or not. so here you can see in this room. so soy that you should look really messy and dirty but where are you. show you guys whether it’s good to remove or it’s going to come off or no.

so you guys can see nothing has come off like the kajal is still on you can see our I rubbed it. so many times so now talking about this culture being smudge-proof or not.

let me use my finger and try to smudge this. you guys can see it is not smudged yes some product came off. because I rubbed it hard dating would be 4.5 out of 5. because I somehow felt that it could have been a little more long-lasting and a little more sparse much proof like you saw. that when I tried to smudge it some product actually came off and to be honest.

Chambor Intense Definition Gel Eyeliner Review


Chambor Intense Definition Gel Eyeliner Review

when I wore it I did find it long-lasting but I somehow felt it could have been even I’m here skiing I this is an honest review. so I have to tell you guys everything honestly. I don’t have to hide anything or I don’t have to you know emphasize only the good things of the product. I have to be honest too. so I don’t want to give you guys Iraninformation. so yeah this is how it is but overall it’s great and if you ask me whether I recommend this or not.

And I think yes I would recommend you but I have one thing to say. there is another range from the chamber waterproof pencil from the chamber itself which is similar to this one. but there another one for a different price. its the same one but for a different price. the one at the price of the other one which I’m talking about. I think it was six twenty-five or six 70 rupees something like that I’m not really sure.

So I think it is a long-lasting and smudge-proof one as compared to this one as it is only Rs 296. So I think there was a slight difference between them. But yes, I think the one with 600 rupees was more worthy and slightly longer lasting and blur proof.

Definition Gel Eyeliner Review

compared to this one but this is also great. if you wanted to professional-use it for brighter use and stuff I would recommend going for the other one. which is the 601 rupees one and since I purchased this. I did a review of this.

you can go to a chamber store and you can purchase.  I really got a good wing and a good intense colour and my are my cat-eye looks really great and intense with the schedule. so is that my review thank you.

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